Water filter carafe on coffee table
Water filter carafe

Discover BRITA water filter carafes

The stylish alternative to bottled water. For all-day hydration.

Water carafe for cleaner, fresher water

Water filter carafe

Water filter carafe

Stylish and eco-friendly, this carafe is the perfect alternative to bottled water. The attractive way to stay hydrated throughout the day.


MicroDisc replacement water filters

Enjoy up to 4 weeks of great tasting drinking water with one BRITA MicroDisc water filter.

Water Filter Carafe

BRITA water filter carafe

  • Design to fit with BRITA MicroDisc water filter, delivers a pure and fresh taste of water for up to 4 weeks
  • Activated natural carbon made from coconut shells filters micro particles ≥ 30 μm
  • Also filters chlorine and other taste impairing substances for great tasting water
  • BRITA Memo reminds you when to change the water filter every 4 weeks
  • Made from BPA-free materials, help reduce single-use plastic
  • Durable and reusable water filter bottle - best to use at home and in the office
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe (except lid)

Reduce single use plastic!

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BRITA water filter carafe

  • 1.3 litres (0.8 litres filtered water)
  • 29 cm high
  • 9.5 cm diameter

Instruction manual

BRITA water filter carafe instruction manual (PDF, 1.313 MB)
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Stay hydrated at home and in the office

Carafe on the table

Looks great on any table

Filling water filter carafe

No more carrying bottles


BRITA MicroDisc filters

  • 1 MicroDisc Water Filter lasts up to 4 weeks
  • Optimizes water flow to ease drinkability from water filter bottles
  • BPA – free, uses compressed natural carbon made from coconut shells
  • Perfect filter for BRITA Water Filter Bottles and BRITA Water Filter Carafes

What makes BRITA MicroDisc Water Filter so good?

  • Activated Carbon Filter delivers a pure and fresh taste of water
  • Innovative technology that reduces taste-impairing substances like chlorine
  • Preserve minerals such as magnesium and calcium
  • Features compressed natural carbon of coconut shells
BRITA MicroDisc 6 pack collage


  1. Simply hold under running water, insert – that’s it!
  2. Fits all available BRITA bottle and carafe systems.
  3. Find more info in the user manual.

This is how the BRITA MicroDisc water filter gives you great tasting water

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Pure-Taste-Technology: What happens inside the BRITA MicroDisc?

MircoDisc with activated carbon

Delivers a pure and fresh taste

Activated natural carbon made from coconut shells filters:

  • Chlorine and other taste impairing substances
  • Micro particles ≥ 30 μm
  • Trace impurities such as certain pesticides, herbicides and hormones*

*as far as contained in tap water

MircroDisc preserves minerals

Preserves minerals

Minerals such as calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) pass through the filter and remain in your water

Reduce single use plastic!

The one person who can change the world: You

Make a difference with a BRITA water filter – you can significantly reduce plastic bottle waste.

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